Risperdal Mg

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Risperdal Mg

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megs, of each a quarter of an oz., Cayenne pepper 2 oz. ; mix, tncT |X)wder fine. English spice. The roots of cyperus longus, root of calamus aromaticus, leaves of sweet willow, myrica gale, or root of avens, II If 466 XII. CONSISTENT AND DRY COMPOUNDS geum urbanum and g. rivale, ground together ; for in all cases a mixture of several spices is more agreeable than any one used singly. Powder of coriander. Sem. coriandri, nux vomica, quassia, ground together : used by the ale brewers. Sharp Risperdal Mg whites, Risperdal Mg Wheaten flour ground with alum. Stuff. Alum in small crystals lb. j, common salt 3lb., to mix with flour for baking. Heading for beer. Alum, green vitriol, ana p. aeq. Mushroom powder. Mushrooms, blewits, champignons, or any other wholesome kind, Risperdal Mg half peck, 2 onions, cloves, and mace, of each a quarter of an oz., white pepper 1 oz. ; expose to a gentle heat till the liquor the mushrooms yield be dried up, then dry on tins in a slow oven till they can be powdered or ground in a mill. 2. The squeezings left in making plain mushroom catchup, mix with dried flour, roll Risperdal Mg out, dry and powder. Oyster powder , Preserved oysters. Oysters 3 doz., salt three quarters of an oz., pound, press through a hair sieve, add dried wheat flour suff*. quant, to make a paste, about 1~ oz., roll out to the thickness of half a crown, dry, pound, sift, put into bottles, and seal the corks : 3 av. drachms will make half a pint of sauce. Cockle powder, Muscle powder. May be made the same way. Anchovy powder. Pound the fish, rub through a sieve, make into a paste with dried flour, roll out thin, dry, and reduce to a fine powder. Sprat powder. Head and gut the sprats, float them over with vinegar, add a little salt and allspice, bake for two hours, rub them through a hair sieve, and proceed as in making anchovy powder. Flour ofmustardy Durham mustard^ Farina sinapis. The seeds of black mustard dried until they form a powder when bruised, then ground and sifted to separate the hulls or black skin of the seed, which does not form so fine a powder : yellow, and must not be confounded with powdered black mustard seed, sem. sinapis trita, which is very black coloured, and used to make the foreign mustard sauces. When flour of mustard is made up into mustard sauce, and taken in too large a dose, it stops the respiration, and draws tears from the eyes; the spasm is relieved by smelling. Reduced Risperdal Mg flour of mustard. Flour of mustard, ground white mustard seed, salt, ana p. aeq. 2. Flour of mustard 14lb., ground white mustard seed, turmeric, Cayenne pepper, and common salt, in various proportions : does not affect the breath. Powders, &c. 467 Ginger beer pmcders. White suear 5j 3ij, zz. gr. v, natr. pp. gr. xxvj, in each blue paper; acid of tartar 3jss, in each white paper : these quantities are for half a pint of Risperdal Mg water. Spruce beer poicders. White sugar 5J 9ij, natr. pp. xxvj, ess. of spruce gr. x. in each blue paper; acid of tartar 5 ss, in each white paper : for Risperdal Mg half a pint of water. Portable lemonade. Acid of tartar 1 oz., sugar 6 oz., ess. limon. 10 drops; rub together, divide into 24 papers, for a tumbler of water each. 2. Concrete acid of lemons 1 oz., white sugar 4lb., ess. limon. Whey powder^ Petit lait en poudre. Sugar of milk 2 oz., white sugar 8 oz., gum Arabic half an oz. : dose an oz., in 2 pints of water. PERFUMERY AND COSMETICS. Poufje^ Rouge d^Espagne. Wash safflower until the water comes off colourless, dry the washed petals, and soak them in subcarb. of soda water; pour the yellow liquor upon fine white carded cotton, add lemon juice, citric acid, or acetic acid, the cotton takes a yellowish red dye ; wash the cotton to take away Risperdal Mg the yellow tinge, then soak the cotton in fresli subcarbonate of soda water, decant the liquid upon some French chalk, levigated very fine, again add the acid to throw down the pure red matter, and grind the coloured chalk with a few drops of olive oil. 2. Separate the colour from the cotton by the acids ; and then grind the sediment with French chalk and oil. Pure rotufe. Vert rouge d' Athenes. Separate the colour from the cotton by the acids, and dry the sediment, which becomes of a copper bronze colour when dry, but rcassumes its red colour when wetted. PinA saucers, Safflower, previously washed in water until it no longer gives out any colour, and dried, 8 oz, subcarb. of soda 2 oz, water 2 gall. ; infuse, strain, add French chalk 4lb., scraped fine with Dutch rushes, and precipitate the colour Risperdal Mg upon it with citric acid or tartaric acid. Perfumed powder for scent boxes* Sem. coriandri, rad. irid. Flor., fol. rosar., rad\ calam. arom. ana 4 oz, fl. lavand. 8 oz., loschi 3j, lign. rhodii 5j. 2. Sem. coriandri, rad. irid. Flor., fol. rosar. rubr. ana 1 oz., lacis, caryoph. arom. ana 5 j, flor. lavand. 1 oz. 5iv, rad. calam. 1 oz., moschi gr. iij, if agreeable. Spec, odariferoy for wash balls, Amyli 20 oz., rad. irid. Flor. 12
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